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article image15 fundamental facts about Matt McAndrew of 'The Voice' Special

By Earl Dittman     Dec 22, 2014 in Entertainment
Matt McAndrew admits he’s quite content being named runner-up of ‘The Voice.’ The singer/songwriter behind “Wasted Love” also acknowledges his penchant for shedding tears & anonymity and his reverence for skateboarding, Nirvana and Harry Potter.
Even though he was considered the odds-on favorite to take home the trophy for Season 7 of The Voice, Matt McAndrew reveals he was far from being emotionally devastated by the announcement that he was simply the runner-up. The Team Adam singer/songwriter says he experienced something of an epiphany — earlier in the day of December 16th, while rehearsing for the big finale moment — that granted him a sense of clarity, which assisted Matt in putting his perceived “loss” into perspective.
"Honestly, I was hoping they were going to call my name, but when they didn't I was still incredibly happy,” confesses McAndrew, who, two days after the finale, is enjoying some well-deserved r&r — doing “a whole lot of nothing” — in New York City. “For me, all I could have asked for was to make it to the finale anyway. We had done dress rehearsals earlier in the day, and they called out our names, randomly, just for the sake of doing the blocking and setting up the lighting. I had gotten fourth place in dress rehearsals, behind Chris (Jamison), (winner) Craig (Wayne Boyd) and Damien (Lawson).
“At that very moment, when they announced I was fourth, I realized that I would have been happy with anything,” he recalls. “I was like, 'Whether I win fourth place or second place, I all feels good.' For me, being named the runner-up was the first time that I actually felt like I was getting something tangible instead of feeling like, ‘Okay, at least I avoided another elimination.’ I had accomplished what I came to do. I made it to the finals. Anything beyond that would have been an embarrassment of riches.”
Certainly a jewel in Matt’s crown is the runaway success of “Wasted Love,” the original song he debuted on The Voice. Shortly after singing the instant classic on the final night of competition performances (Dec. 15), the single shot straight to the top of the iTunes charts. After learning the news he had gone Number One, Matt tweeted “I was in an interview when I heard my single was number one and I started crying. What?! So crazy. #WastedLove.”
Matt McAndrew on the red carpet  moments before discovering  Wasted Love  had gone Number One on iTu...
Matt McAndrew on the red carpet, moments before discovering "Wasted Love" had gone Number One on iTunes
Krystina Christiansen
"Alright, it wasn’t like I was sobbing, but I definitely teared-up,” Matt jokingly admits, attempting to clarify his true emotional state at the time of his tweet. “I was on the red carpet, doing some interviews. When they told me it had went Number One, I just could not believe it. I was shocked. I definitely did not see that coming. I think I was shooting for it to get in the Top Ten based on how well I did with the covers. I was not expecting that. That was so, so awesome. It was probably the coolest moment of the whole season for me."
15 Fundamental Facts about Matt McAndrew
Matt McAndrew performing  Wasted Love  on  The Voice
Matt McAndrew performing "Wasted Love" on 'The Voice"
(1) During the finale, he mentioned that if there was one contestant on this season of The Voice that he wouldn't mind being in a band with it would be Taylor John Williams. If the two of them were in cover group together, they would spend their evenings playing the music of two legendary '60s folksters: "If Taylor and I were in a cover band we would play as many Simon & Garfukel songs as possible. Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel are incredible songwriters. I think it would be a great cover band, because we both love their music. I don't know what we would call ourselves, though? I don't know if Williams & McAndrew would do their music justice." (laughs)
Matt McAndrew performs with Fall Out Boy during the finale of  The Voice
Matt McAndrew performs with Fall Out Boy during the finale of 'The Voice'
(2) It was Matt's choice to sing with Fall Out Boy at the finale: "I requested to work with the band based on my work with Patrick Stump earlier on in the season. I thought it would be cool to bring back somebody who had been a part of my journey. Patrick is awesome. He is like an amazing singer. I knew he was cool, and everyone else is the band (Joe Trohman, Pete Wentz and Andy Hurley) was super nice. It was an incredible experience."
Legendary UK quintet Radiohead
Legendary UK quintet Radiohead
(3) While he enjoyed his time onstage with Fall Out Boy, out of all the bands he loves and is influenced by, there is one particular British group he would love to join — if they ever asked him. "If I could sing with any band it would be Radiohead. I have to say that they are my favorite band. I know all their music, and I love every single note of it. Wow, I think it would be a lot of fun to sing with Radiohead...actually, it would be incredible!"
(4) He says he's a massive fan of both Elvis Presley and The Beatles, but if forced to choose one he would go with the Fab Four. He finds the songs written by one Beatle personally moving and meaningful: "John Lennon and Paul McCartney are incredible songwriters. But, I am definitely more of a Lennon man. I'm just so happy that that guy existed. That's like the best way I could put it. He always makes me feel better about myself. I think my favorite Lennon song would probably be 'And Your Bird Can Sing,' because it' just like the classic, 'You're not up on this' kind of vibe. It's just...brilliant."
Matt McAndrew and coach Adam Levine on  The Voice
Matt McAndrew and coach Adam Levine on 'The Voice'
Jay Adams in  Dogtown and Z-Boys
Jay Adams in 'Dogtown and Z-Boys'
Sony Pictures Classics
(5) Matt admits he's been influenced by a ton of great singer/songwriters. He came across the song he wishes he had penned while watching a movie about his other love: "The one sing I was I had written is 'Old Man' by Neil Young. Growing up, I was really into skateboarding. I wanted to be a professional skakeboarder and surfer — I was into all kinds of board sports if you grow up at the beach. I was really into this documentary called Dogtown and Z-Boys, because of the way it told that whole skateboarder story in a really cool way. Jay Adams was always my favorite skater growing up. For Jay's segment of the documentary they played 'Old Man.' That's how I kind of got into Neil Young. It just resonated with me. The song definitely influenced me. I'd love to write a classic like that, one day."
Dave Grohl  Kurt Cobain and Kurt Cobain and Krist Novoselic of Nirvana
Dave Grohl, Kurt Cobain and Kurt Cobain and Krist Novoselic of Nirvana
(6)If given the chance to travel back in time, Matt says he would not visit the past to change world events. He'd spend his journey seeking out another one of his favorite bands — live in concert: "I wouldn't do anything too crazy, if I went back in time. (laughs) I'd like to go back to 1991 and see Nirvana play live. I was alive in '91, but I was only one at the time, so I kind of missed out in seeing Kurt (Cobain) live. A little while back, I was in New York to see Modest Mouse at this festival by the water. Before their show, they were playing songs from Nevermind, over the house speakers. I couldn't see the stage, so I had this incredible second of thinking, 'This is probably what it would be like if I was going to see Nirvana.' It kind of made be sad, because all I kept thinking was, 'I really missed out on something great.' Going back to see Nirvana would be quite...a trip."
#Team Adam Top 3: Damien  Adam Levine  Chris Jamison and Matt McAndrew
#Team Adam Top 3: Damien, Adam Levine, Chris Jamison and Matt McAndrew
(7) Surprisingly, it wasn't solely the music of Radiohead, Simon & Garfunkel, Nirvana or Neil Young that Matt listened to during his tenure on The Voice. "All through the competition, I was listening to a lot of John Mayer's album Room For Squares. I don't know if it shows. It was a mixture of that and me doing more folkier kind of stuff. There is just something about Mayer's music on that album that really speaks to me."
President Barack Obama - the crooner
President Barack Obama - the crooner
The White House
(8) Throughout his two terms in office, President Obama has demonstrated he can carry a tune. Matt knows exactly which song he request if offered the chance to sing a duet with PODIS: "I think I would like to do something like 'What Makes You Beautiful' by One Direction. That choice is less about me and more about what would be awkward for him. (laughs) I listened to the song a bunch when it came out, and I thought it was a nice little hit. I just figure if we were to package the president as a singer that wouldn't necessarily be his sound. But, I guess he doesn't really good at singing anyway, right?" (laughs)
Mia Pfirrman  Taylor John Williams  Matt McAndrew  Taylor Phelan and Sugar Joans sing  Go Your Own W...
Mia Pfirrman, Taylor John Williams, Matt McAndrew, Taylor Phelan and Sugar Joans sing "Go Your Own Way" on 'The Voice' finale
(9) Singing "Go Your Own Way" at the finale, it's obvious Matt is a big Fleetwood Mac fan. Needless to say, getting the chance to work with "iconic" Team Adam advisor Steve Nicks was a bucket list moment for him: "The whole time, I couldn't believe I was actually be coached the Stevie Nicks. She was so sweet and incredibly supportive. My favorite thing about having her working with us was that you could really tell that the most important thing to her was the emotion of the song. She really wanted to make sure that we were absorbed in the lyrics. She wasn't looking for technical perfection from us, but she was looking for it to be real and genuine. And so I think that helped me get my heart in the right place for the song and not stress too much about having everything be perfect."
(10) He also received some incredibly sound advice from another hit-making female songstress: "Taylor Swift really taught a couple of useful things while I was rehearsing for 'Drops Of Jupiter.' People who watched the show didn't get to see it, but she told me that the girl that I'm singing to, I needed to come up to the front and like demand an answer from her. (laughs) But, it was cool to see how invested she gets into the story of the song. She has a really cool drama about her and her performances. That taught me a lot in how to approach doing songs onstage. It was really good, cool advice."
(11) In a season filled with dramatic moments, Matt says he found himself in quite an emotional state while rehearsing for the classic song — from The Wizard Of Oz — that would propel him into the Top Two: "One of the toughest moments I had on the show was trying not to cry while I was singing 'Over The Rainbow.' (laughs) My emotions were really bad when I first got the song. I was in band rehearsals and I, literally, could not get through it, because it is such a sweet song. I just wanted to do a nice simple rendition of it, but I was sitting there reflecting on my crazy journey on the show, and out came these like happy tears. I felt like, 'I am on top of the world.' I've always been such a dreamer as a kid, and I've had such big hopes for myself, so to have some of those things realized was super overwhelming. I guess all the sleep deprivation didn't hurt either." (laughs)
Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter
Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter
Warner Bros.
(12) A big fan of reading, Matt confesses he feels a kinship with one particularly magical character from literature: "There's this guy called Harry Potter that I've been compared to a lot. And, that's okay because I'm a big Harry Potter fan. If I had to pick a favorite character from the series, I would pick Harry. I know that's not very exciting because he's the title character and all, but I can relate to him...and I think it's more than just the style of glasses we both like." (laughs)
Matt and his mom
Matt and his mom
Matt McAndrew
(13) Musically, Matt has been touched by a litany of singers and songwriters. There is a single human being, however, he acknowledges as the one person who had the most influence in turning him into the man he is today: "I would give most of the credit to my mom. The big thing with her is that she has really always given me unconditional love, which I think has affected my personality — the way that I interact with other people. She instilled in me a lot of confidence and a lot of love for myself. I think that is reflective in the way that I carry myself and treat other people."
Matt on  The Voice
Matt on 'The Voice'
(14) Although he has over 100,000 Twitter followers, roughly 85,000 Facebook fans and millions of #McFANdrews devotees, being in the Big Apple has made Matt feel like anything but a "celebrity": "I don't feel very famous, especially being in New York City. In New York, it's very easy not to feel famous. After I checked into the hotel, last night, I just wandered around Times Square, just because I could. No one recognized me. Which was really humbling. I'm just another person. Not Matt McAndrew from The Voice. I've heard celebrities talk about that's they like about New York. From all the hustle and bustle and everything, maybe people just don't care that much. For somebody who does just want to walk around and not want to be bothered, I think this is a really good place. I know Taylor Swift has been making a really good point of that. She said that people are pretty good about letting her life her life here. After all the attention I had on The Voice, it's kind of cool being anonymous...for a little bit, of course." (laughs)
Matt backstage at  The Voice
Matt backstage at 'The Voice'
Krystina Christiansen
(15) A goal-minded individual, Matt has a one particular objective in mind as he moves forward on his trajectory to becoming the music business' most talented and brightest new singer/songwriter: "My goal has always been to sell a million copies of something I wrote. I was watching this one video of John Mayer at Berklee and he was saying how he knows a lot of people how have done really well in the music industry but didn't define their goals going in. So, they are never really sure if they really, quote-quote, 'made it,' because it's sort of unquantifiable dream of 'making it' and nobody really knows what that is. For me, I've always said that if I sold a million records then I know that I did it. With 'Wasted Love,' I guess you can I'm working on it...keep your fingers crossed, because there is more where that song came from."
"Wasted Love" is available on iTunes - Matt McAndrew on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.
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