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article imageReview: New frontier in graphic art — Hidden mystery of a water drop Special

By Paul Wallis     Sep 15, 2014 in Entertainment
Cologne - If you’ve been noticing that visual art has simply blown away its own boundaries in recent years, a lot more is happening. Experimental visual art, notably “unique” imaging, is becoming the new frontier.
An Indiegogo project called Hidden Mystery of a Waterdrop is a good example.
The new studio, based in Cologne, Germany, is looking for funding for its work. When you see their work, you’ll see why this is such a fascinating study.
Sascha Hojzakowa, aka Jack the Flipper, and his friends can’t be accused of lack of enthusiasm. They also can’t be accused of avoiding the hard work in top of the line aesthetic photography. The studio’s work involves some particularly demanding photography, notably of the Waterdrop series. This is a hybrid approach, combining advanced physics and pure aesthetics.
Water is one of the world’s most studied, and still being studied, materials. Whether you’re a scientist or an artist, you’ll soon see why this photography is so important, catching water in some of its most dynamic, inexplicable forms. In one picture, it turns itself into an umbrella shape. In another, it looks like it’s just graduated from a degree in abstract sculpture.
This work also requires an eye for accuracy of imaging, and a healthy understanding of all aspects of frame by frame photographic techniques and “visual situations”. It’s hard work, and it can be one pixel at a time, in terms of accuracy.
Time  space  and light. A combination which takes a bit of thought.
Time, space, and light. A combination which takes a bit of thought.
Sascha Hojzakowa
HD is great for taking pictures, but shutter speeds and accuracy can be pretty frustrating. Getting a good shot takes a lot of hard work, and sometimes luck. This is more than just technology- It’s adventurous art, and it’s good art.
The studio’s unique prints are just that. If you’ve seen the fantastic work of National Geographic and other leading journals in photographing water, you’ll really appreciate this approach. Each droplet is pretty much a universe in motion unto itself, and the effects are truly jaw-dropping. This is next generation photography at its most challenging, and it works.
There are “continuums” of water, splashes in mid-flight, and exotic shapes most designers would kill for. It took hundreds of hours to take these pictures, and it was time well spent.
Interview with Sascha Hojzakowa
Fortunately for me, Sascha speaks much better English than my pidgin German. This is what he had to say about his work, motivations and drivers:
We started in winter 2011-12, when we discovered these kind of water sculptures. We wanted to perfect it in our senses, to get the result we wanted. so we spent about 3 months in the basement and after building our professional water drop studio and capturing +10.000 images we achieved our goal.
The main creative driver for our work is Markus and my mutual sense for fine-art, our common understanding for the beauty of nature, pristine and untouched landscapes. Or something we see and want to explore ourselves, e.g. water drop ultra high speed photography.
We hope to hold the breath of the spectator, to show what’s hidden from the human eye, it´s physically unable to see such a short time frame of 1/10.000 of a second. Water is so common but it holds such a spectacle and we made it visible. The look behind something can always be worth the effort.
Yes this project bonded us, from that evolved "Jack the Flipper | Artwork & Photography" and it´s just the beginning. Since then we travelled to 11 countries to do landscape photography, mostly artistic because we studied fine-arts and this is reflected in our photography works.
Yesterday we started to work on our first new large-scale India ink art work. And we have plans for 6 more scientific photo projects. So yes, it´s our ongoing creative vision to bring our artistic creative enterprise to the top.
Note the figure- 1/10,000 of a second. Top of the range and it’s a good example of where “active” photographic art can go. This is the pure research of photography, and it’s the prime mover of the new visual art forms.
Now some good news for consumers, photography buffs, scientists, aesthetes, and people who know something fascinating when they see it- You can contribute to the studio’s work on Indiegogo. They’re trying to develop and grow, and you can buy in for as little as $2, or up to $15,000. You can get huge prints of these incredible photos, and special perks for sponsors, too. See the Indiegogo page for details.
Remind you of any civilizations with which you re acquainted?
Remind you of any civilizations with which you're acquainted?
Sascha Hojzakowa
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