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article imageReview: 'Magneto #18' is last-minute redemption story during Secret Wars

By Can Tran     May 18, 2015 in Entertainment
In this comic book review, Magneto and his illegitimate daughter, Polaris, finally come together to save the city from doom in the incursion from 1610's Earth.
Magneto #18 is now available to purchase from Marvel Comics in digital and print format.
This is one of the stories that connect to Marvel Comics' Secret Wars story arc, which is to create an in-story incursion that reboots the mainstream Marvel Comics Universe. You have to understand that the different series take place at different points within the mainstream universe, where Deadpool #45 ended at the incursion between the 616 and 1610 Universes.
Marvel Comics planned to kill Deadpool in a comical way, which the incursion can count. I still laugh when Deadpool realizes that it's true after denying it as mere BS made up by Tony Stark aka Iron-Man and the rest of the Avengers.
This issue serves as Magneto's epiphany on his legacy.
Screengrab from Marvel s  Magneto #18.
Screengrab from Marvel's "Magneto #18."
Marvel Comics
The story shifts between the past and the present, where Erik Lensherr aka Magneto reflects on his relationship with Namor. He decides that his philosophy was wrong and it only caused normal people to fear mutants even more.
Magneto decides to save the people of the city from getting killed in the incoming incursion.
Lorna Dane aka Polaris, Magneto's out-of-wedlock daughter, joins him. They combine their magnetic powers to prevent people from being killed. It is a shocker to Magneto because he wanted mutants to rule the world, but finds himself saving normal people.
Screengrab from Marvel s  Magneto #18.
Screengrab from Marvel's "Magneto #18."
Marvel Comics
It is more shocking that his Marauders are also saving people instead of killing them.
Erik laments his recent time spent on Genosha and Utopia, where he grows closer to Namor. He ultimately learns that Namor was right that civilization will become no more once it learns “hatred,” which is proven in the current circumstance.
The issue ends with a surprise appearance by the Nimrod-like Sentinels.
Screengrab from Marvel s  Magneto #18.
Screengrab from Marvel's "Magneto #18."
Marvel Comics
What did I think of Magneto #18?
I loved Magneto #18 because it was an ultimate redemption story about the titular Magneto, who decides to use the last moments of his life to save his world from the incursion of the other world. I found it interesting that Namor decided to wait until the last minute to tell Magneto about the incursion between worlds.
Namor has bequeathed saving the world to Magneto, which he is originally reluctant to do.
But Magneto ultimately comes to the realization that he must save everyone in order to save mutantkind. It is a true redemption story because Magneto realized the error of his ways. I could feel the emotion in Magneto #18 as the people think that he's an angel from Heaven.
It was interesting that Namor bestowed valuable wisdom, imagine the other planet as a threat to mutantkind. I think Magneto and Namor were meant to be friends, but I think it's too late because of the incursion.
Lorna was also able to see Magneto as her father instead of the “savior of mutantkind.”
They lament that dynamic of their family relationship, which Marvel Comics fans know is interesting.
But it's an understatement to say that it's interesting, where I can use the “House of M” story arc as a prime example.
Magneto has changed in the past years from being the villain to a semi-hero. I admired Magneto's consistency as a tragic villain due to the fact that he's emotionally scarred from his time as a P.O.W to the death of his first family.
Made me wish that Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver were there to join Magneto.
I give Magneto #18 an A+.
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