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article image'Guardians Team-Up #6' stars X-Men's Nightcrawler

By Can Tran     Jun 6, 2015 in Entertainment
The special guest star of this issue of "Guardians Team-Up" is Kurt Wagner aka Nightcrawler, the teleporter, from the X-Men.
Guardians Team-Up #6 was released on Wednesday, June 3rd.
Gamora takes on the role as the starring Guardian, where she teams up with Nightcrawler of the X-Men in the latest crossover story. Nightcrawler competes in prestigious intergalactic Fencing competition, where he makes it to the semi-finals.
Screengrab from Marvel s  Guardians Team-Up #6.
Screengrab from Marvel's "Guardians Team-Up #6."
Marvel Comics
Harcon, the champion, is the final opponent.
Screengrab from Marvel s  Guardians Team-Up #6.
Screengrab from Marvel's "Guardians Team-Up #6."
Marvel Comics
I could compare this to some intergalactic hand-to-hand combat match.
Things are going well for Kurt Wagner aka Nightcrawler, but he hits a snag when Gamora also makes it to the semi-finals. The two of them have to fight each other, where the winner progresses to the final match in order to fight Harcon.
Screengrab from Marvel s  Guardians Team-Up #6.
Screengrab from Marvel's "Guardians Team-Up #6."
Marvel Comics
The match is heated as Kurt recites something from Shakespeare, which pisses off Gamora. I laughed when Gamora responded by saying that she “took back” every bad thing she said about Peter Quill aka Star-Lord, the Guardians of the Galaxy's leader.
Harcon observes the match since he's the champion, which gives him permission.
I was surprised that Kurt teleported Harcon outside of his protective sphere, where a fight sparks. It leads to the main plot, Kurt and Gamora were working together to draw out Harcon. Gamora revealed that there's a bounty on Harcon's head for his role of leading a massacre.
The issue ends with Kurt having a casual drink with Gamora at a bar.
Gamora raises a concern because they're drinking at a public bar, where they look different. I laughed when Kurt insists that the other patrons will assume that they're cosplayers.
What did I think of Guardians Team-Up #6?
Guardians Team-Up #6 was straightforward and very fun to read. There are times that I want to read something that is relaxing without having a complex storyline, which this issue delivers. I don't have much to say about Guardians Team-Up #6, but it was great to read.
There is a slight hint of romantic tension between Kurt and Gamora from what I have read in this issue.
But I doubt they'd be hooking up.
I did enjoy seeing Kurt's Fencing skills in action, which are bad@$$ when combined with his teleportation ability.
Simply speaking, Guardians Team-Up #6 is a fun-to-read story. I give it a grade of A.
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