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article image'Alien' artist, H.R. Giger, dies at 74

By William Suphan     May 14, 2014 in Entertainment
Zurich - H.R. Giger, an artist known for his dark, macabre works and most famous for designing the creatures and sets of the "Alien" series of movies, has passed away at age 74.
"In space, no one can hear you scream." It was the chilling tag line to the 1979 movie "Alien". The sets of of the movie portrayed an organic, skeletal design while the creature itself had mere seconds of screen time. It launched the career of Swiss artist H.R. Giger, who went on to design sets and monsters for the rest of the "Alien" franchise.
Since then, aspiring artists have been inspired by his works and the slithery, quick and deadly aliens have become iconic science fiction imagery, as well as nightmare fuel for generations of fans, many of whom even display tattoos of his work.
While not as well known, Giger's other works include album covers Debbie Harry's "Koo Koo" (1981) and Emerson, Lake and Palmer's "Brain Salad Surgery" (1973).
His books have become coffee table staples in many homes. His first book, "Necronomicon", attracted the attention and employ of "Alien" director Ridley Scott. Giger won an Academy Award for visual effects.
Among Giger's accomplishments are over 20 books, art shows in New York, Prague, and Paris, and two Swiss pubs were designed to look like marooned alien spacecraft.
Giger's inspiration largely sprouted from his own nightmares. He would keep pen and paper at his bedside so that he could sketch the images while they were still fresh in his mind.
The New York Times stated that Giger's passing was due to injuries suffered from a fall in Zurich, Switzerland on Monday.
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