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article imageReview: Jennifer Young's 'Thank You For The Music' a good holiday read Special

By Lesley Lanir     Apr 1, 2014 in Entertainment
Edinburgh - Scottish author and writer, Jennifer Young, chats about "Thank You For The Music," her new novel, set in Scotland and on the Balearic island of Majorca. It's a book of romance and relationship choices interwoven with deeper contemporary topics.
Over the years, Scottish author and writer, Jennifer Young, who resides in Edinburgh, has published enough to justify her membership to both the Romantic Novelists’ Association and the Society of Authors.
Jennifer Young, has been writing, as hinted above, all her life, beginning with short fiction and poetry; however, with time, her short stories lengthened into novels. As Jennifer's interests developed, so did her writing and at university she diversified into journalism and travel writing and a later Open University geosciences degree took this versatile writer into the genre of science writing.
When the digital age took over, Jennifer was not fazed; she adapted and added
Jennifer Young - writer  author
Jennifer Young - writer, author
Jennifer Young
blogging, shared blogging and epublishing to her writer’s répertoire. Even when she is not busy writing novels, short stories and articles, Jennifer still can’t leave words alone and she also works as a freelance proof reader and copywriter.
Digital Journal managed to catch up with Jennifer and stop her writing for a moment to discuss her writing and her new novel, Thank You For The Music, just published as an ebook by Tirgearr, a small independently-owned publishing company located in the Republic of Ireland that publishes commercial adult genre fiction.
Could you tell us a little about Thank You For The Music?
Jennifer Young - author of Thank You For the Music
Jennifer Young - author of Thank You For the Music
Jennifer Young
Thank You For The Music is a romance. Abby Mortimer, jilted by her long-term boyfriend Edward, flees from Scotland to her sister’s upmarket hotel in Majorca where she meets handsome but idle piano player Rafa.
The attraction between them is offset by their failure to understand one another’s dreams and ambitions and when Edward appears in Majorca, full of apologies, to win Abby back, she finds herself tempted to forgive him, until she discovers that he has a secret.
I like to think of Thank You For The Music as the kind of good holiday read that’s the perfect complement to a sunny afternoon and a glass of chilled white wine.
However, my novel doesn't just focus on the struggles and joys of romance, Thank You For The Music also addresses deeper themes than that such as establishing a balance between life and work; coping with bereavement; and making life-influencing choices.
Why did you choose to write about romance?
I write romance because I like happy endings – but I don’t shy away from dealing with more difficult issues.
What inspired you inspiration to write this novel?
If I may paraphrase the old Paul Young song: “Wherever I lay my hat, that’s my plot”. I studied geography and one of my many parallel lives is as a travel writer. It follows as night from day that every place I find myself in has a story associated with it even though the great majority never get beyond my head; I think it’s true that all of my ideas begin with the location.
Why did you choose the romantic novel genre?
Although Thank You For The Music is a romantic novel, I’ve written in many different genres over time. However, this novel is a romance because of where it was conceived; I had the idea in Majorca as I watched loved-up couples holding hands over the dinner table in the fading Mediterranean light. My current work in progress is, likewise, set in Majorca and also a romance though it belongs in a harsher landscape and it’s actually romantic suspense. But if I were writing a novel set in a slightly grittier setting then I think it would be more likely to be a thriller or a crime novel - or even have a much edgier ‘relationship’ theme.
What type or reader is Thank You For The Music aimed at?
Writing romance means acknowledging that the reader has certain expectations, including the happy-ever-after ending (although exactly who will make Abby happy is, I hope, not clear until the end). So, while Thank You For The Music is most definitely of its genre, I like to think that it has some surprises and that the characters are not what they might seem.
I aimed to write a book for someone like me — someone who likes a good read, well-written with complex but believable characters. There’s no unpleasantness and very little sex but I wanted to make the characters engaging and multi-faceted. How far I’ve succeeded, however, is for the reader to judge!
Who is your publisher?
I was delighted to be offered a contract with Tirgearr, a small independent publishing company based in Ireland, which specialises in commercial adult genre fiction.
As a first-time author, how was your experience with Tirgearr?
Support from the Tirgearr's team through the editing and marketing process made my journey from unpublished author to fully-fledged novelist a pure pleasure.
Do you have any future plans for more books?
Thank you for the music - by Jennifer Young
Thank you for the music - by Jennifer Young
Jennifer Young
Oh, where shall I start? I usually run more than one novel in tandem which isn’t necessarily a good thing because it’s terribly inefficient. I’m polishing up the romantic suspense novel I mentioned above, provisionally titled, No Time Like Now, which is also set in Majorca. Also in the polishing stage is a slightly more challenging romance set in the Scottish Highlands.
A couple of weeks ago I had an idea for a novel based around a reunion — this is less of a traditional romance and more about facing mistakes made in the past. Oh, and I still have the novel I started working on when I finished Thank You For the Music, which I keep putting on the back burner because the plot is proving problematic. But I really believe in it so I won’t give it up.
That’s four - do you want any more? I have a cupboard full!
Maybe check out, Thank You For The Music, a novel which its author Jennifer Young describes as “a good holiday read that’s the perfect complement to a sunny afternoon and a glass of chilled white wine.”
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