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Review: Hilarious parody video pokes fun at ridiculous gun torture tests

By Alex Allen     Mar 5, 2014 in Odd News
A popular gun YouTuber decided recently to feed peanut butter to his Glock model 33, poking fun at the growing popularity of gun torture test videos involving food.
The "Yankee Marshal," a self-proclaimed 'liberal,' has prided himself on having one of the only liberal gun channels on YouTube. In addition to encouraging independent thinking in politics, he also attempts to inject a certain brand of humor into topics that would normally be presented in a dull fashion on the internet. In fact, he often pokes fun at how other 'gun YouTubers' run their channels. He even made a video in which he jokingly claimed to be a "YouTube gun expert" and suggested that everyone should value his opinion as a result. Now it appears that the not-so-expert is taking a shot at some of the ridiculous firearms torture tests that can be found on the web.
It's no secret that gun torture tests are very popular on the internet. Gun lovers seem to love seeing their favorite firearms taken through hell and back to test their reliability, durability, and functionality. One brand of firearms that is most popular among the torture testers is Glock. Because Glock is often regarded as having one of the most durable and reliable semi-auto pistol lineups on the market, people often take Glocks to the ultimate test, throwing them in mud, burying them in dirt, drowning them in water and dragging them behind moving vehicles. All of these seem like reasonable tests, right? If you're going to be trusting a piece of polymer and metal with your life, you'll want to know just how much it can take. But these torture tests often lose their significance and become a little strange when food becomes involved.
It makes sense that you would want your firearm to function if it was dropped in mud or water. But why would anyone need to know what happens when it's dipped in jello? Apparently some people are interested to know because there are tons of food-related Glock torture test that can be found on the internet; from freezing them in jello to dipping them in raw eggs and even baking them in a cake. Yes, that's right. A Glock cake.
In a new video released on the Yankee Marshal YouTube channel, a Glock model 33 (the subcoampct .357 Sig model) is taken through the ultimate torture test. In the video, the Yankee Marshal himself can bee seen wearing a rain poncho and attempting to feed peanut butter to the Glock 33, yelling at it to "eat the *** damn peanut butter."
Of course, this video was done in good fun but, as with most of the Yankee Marshal's videos, it makes a solid point. Since a Glock isn't going to eat a spoon full of peanut butter, why would anyone want to know whether or not it will function when it's buried in different foods?
The Yankee Marshal currently has over 70,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel. His channel description sums up his content, saying "This channel deals with firearms, self defense, prepping, etc. This is a channel is about enjoying hobbies, mutual interests, and not taking yourself too seriously. So sit back and have fun. You might even learn something."
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