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article imageOp-Ed: From 1984 to 2014: Dystopia is coming soon to a cinema near you

By Jessica Jones-Langley     Mar 5, 2014 in Entertainment
After the successful Hunger Games, dystopian fiction has crossed its way into the mainstream and is becoming hugely popular in today’s technologically advanced world. This March another fever is coming to cinemas near you, and it’s going to be big.
While the trend of dystopian fiction is soaring, it’s crossing over into reality, which makes the movies more relevant and exciting to watch. Just 30 years after when 1984 was set, dystopian-fiction is becoming a reality not only for Americans, but for the whole world — just look at the Edward Snowden saga. The hysteria of mass surveillance just made 1984 a scary possibility. Could the Hunger Games be next? Most likely no, but no one predicted Big Brother would be a huge hit among teens that have no idea who Orwell is. While U.S. President Barack Obama scrambles to ensure everyone that everything is okay, sales of novels and films are skyrocketing.
And the next fever is set to hit cinemas on the 20th of March in the USA, with other locations closely following. Based on Veronica Roth’s best selling novel, Divergent is set to flood into the conversation at the water cooler, be showcased on student’s pencil cases and inundate Facebook feeds. Early reviews hint of it’s probable success — the novel's author Roth said that she was "completely absorbed by it." Set in a futuristic Chicago, people are divided into factions and although the story starts off in a nuclear family home, an ominous plot line quickly develops, firmly cementing itself in the dystopian world.
Starring big names Kate Winslet as the protagonist’s mother Jeanine, and Zoe Kravitz as her close friend Christina, the little known Shailene Woodley has big shoes to fill as the lead Beatrice ‘Tris’ Potter. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Woodley describes her character Tris as not a super-hero. She’s no Katniss. She doesn’t know how to shoot a bow and arrow. She’s not a bada**”. The film is everything but typical, with the plot demanding suspense, action, drama and a touch of romance — the perfect formula to any blockbuster.
To pass the time until March, I’ve listed the top 5 dystopian films that will bring you up to date and on trend.
5. Brazil 1985
A Classic film that is widely cited by film enthusiasts as their favorite. Set in a controlling and inefficient government, a civil servant innocently tries to fix a paperwork mistake. Stars an early Robert De Niro as an air-con specialist.
4. Minority Report 2002
A personal belief is that no film list is complete without Mr. Cruise, and he doesn’t disappoint in this highly energetic film that blurs the line between utopia and dystopia.
3. Children of Men 2006
A gripping yet usually overlooked film is set in a childless world, with the last birth being 27 years prior. It looks at what happens to a society that has no heirs or descendants and stark realities under martial law.
2. Blade Runner 1982
Set in Los Angeles, 2014, human clones are used in off-Earth colonies and set to expire after a fixed lifespan, but crisis ensues when clones escape to Earth. It’s early Harrison Ford, need I say more?
1. Divergent 2014
Hopefully this list will take you through to March, where you will be set to relax in a cinema near you and take in the next hit trilogy. Yes, it’s a trilogy so there will be more dystopian goodness awaiting you in the possibly eerie future.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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