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Anyone who knows the stock market will get wary when things are too good to be true. The stock market is on a binge of price rises, and some experts are already saying “look out”. Ironically, there's a potential major benefit here.
This week’s releases include a new season of eerie tales; a post-apocalyptic narrative filled with optimism; a frightening story of black magic; a thief who steals hearts and artifacts; and a long-running cartoon.
Major firms including Sony, Panasonic and Nissan on Monday urged the Japanese government to make its 2030 renewable energy target twice as ambitious.
Home security products are growing in popularity, but many are expensive, and many have poor connectivity. Two new devices from Reolink provide high-quality imaging at an affordable price.
NASA conducted a test firing of the engines for its giant Space Launch System (SLS) lunar rocket on Saturday but they shut down earlier than planned, the space agency said.
Tesla has been instructed to recall some 158,000 cars. This is due to some identified safety concerns, which have come to light post-manufacture. The discovery highlights a quality control weakness.
Research has indicated that a truly intelligent artificial intelligence would be “uncontrollable”. Risks are described as potentially catastrophic. That’s hardly good enough. This clickbait terror isn’t exactly impressive.
Wikipedia celebrates its 20th anniversary on Friday and the collaborative, volunteer-produced internet encyclopedia aims to spend the next 20 years further expanding free access to information.
A Hong Kong internet provider said Thursday it had blocked access to a website following a police order, the first confirmed takedown using a new national security law imposed by Beijing last year.
Twitter chief Jack Dorsey backed the messaging platform's ban of US President Donald Trump, but said Wednesday it sets a "dangerous" precedent and represents a failure to promote healthy conversation on the social network.
Since arriving in Cuba just two years ago, mobile internet has revolutionized life here -- helping people find food, fuel and even medicine amid crippling shortages, and helping them organize protests in a country where waving a placard can land you in...
Iceland has genetically sequenced all its positive Covid-19 cases since the start of the pandemic, an increasingly vital practice as worrying new strains emerge from Britain and South Africa.
The connection between COVID-19 symptoms and other underlying health conditions continues to be researched. A new finding draws a connection between symptom severity and intestinal health, in relation to the gut microbiome.
A new treatment for the disease caused by the coronavirus, intended to prevent severe illness, has been launched in England. The novel method to address COVID-19 is based on a protein-based inhalation treatment. This could be administered by the patient.
The world's vital insect kingdom is undergoing "death by a thousand cuts," according to the world's top bug experts. Insects, considered vital to the food chain, are slowly disappearing, and for a variety of reasons.
In the decrepit Disneyland into which QAnon translates everything, this shouldn’t come as a surprise. Biden is JFK Jr in a mask and an intergalactic being, of course. There are, however, a few technical issues in this latest unaccountable revelation.
Medics battled exhaustion and the risk of Covid-19 as they raced Monday to treat scores of people injured by a devastating earthquake on Indonesia's Sulawesi island.At least 81 people were killed and thousands left homeless by the powerful 6.
China's economy grew at the slowest pace in more than four decades last year despite a rebound after the country's coronavirus outbreak, official data showed Monday.The 2.
France's Muslim federations agreed Sunday on a "charter of principles" requested by President Emmanuel Macron in his bid to eradicate sectarianism and extremism.
On January 15, American swimmer Madisyn Cox participated in a virtual mixed zone following the 2021 TYR Pro Swim Series in San Antonio, Texas.
Dozens of tennis stars stuck in hotel quarantine ahead of the Australian Open were told Monday they would get no "special treatment" to leave their rooms to train, despite complaints from some players.
MLB player Antoine Duplantis ("New York Mets") chatted with Digital Journal's Markos Papadatos about the upcoming baseball camp in Addis, Lousiana, at the end of the month, and his latest endeavors.
Three-time Olympic gold medalist swimmer Ryan Murphy chatted with Digital Journal's Markos Papadatos at a virtual mixed zone following the TYR Pro Swim Series meet in San Antonio, Texas.
German tenor Jonas Kaufmann says not being able to perform in front of a live audience for months has been hugely detrimental for musicians who thrive on connecting with real people.
Instagram sensation and actor Jake T. Austin chatted with Digital Journal's Markos Papadatos about "New Year's Eve," "Adverse," his goals and plans for 2021.
On January 17, actors Brandon Beemer and Eric Martsolf participated in a Zoom fan event and cocktail, which was hosted by Star Image Entertainment. Digital Journal has the scoop.
Phil Spector, who revolutionized 1960s pop music with his "Wall of Sound" production technique but who was imprisoned in 2009 for murder, has died at age 81, authorities said Sunday.
After the latest wild ride took the poster child of cryptocurrencies above $40,000 before a stomach-churning plunge, the million dollar question won't go away: how much is bitcoin actually worth?
China's economy grew at the slowest pace in more than four decades last year despite a rebound after the country's coronavirus outbreak, official data showed Monday.The 2.
After months of closures due to the coronavirus outbreak, provinces across Canada are slowly allowing office spaces and other workplaces to reopen. However, many employees have concerns about the rapid spread of COVID-19 in these enclosed spaces.
No matter how sophisticated the logistics chain is in the 'thick of it' in the warehouse setting, the challenge is all about helping to fulfill orders, and making sure clients are happy. A logistics expert, provides some improvement tips for 2021.
Keeping fit makes sense in order to avoid certain illnesses like diabetes and to help the body respond to infections. Yet in the U.S., opportunities to do so have diminished although stark, national variations remain.
The highly contagious variant of the coronavirus first seen in the United Kingdom will become the dominant strain in the United States by March, its rapid spread heightening the urgency of getting people vaccinated, according to a new study by the CDC.
Hospitals were decked out with flowers and one politician planted a tree as India began Saturday its colossal coronavirus vaccine drive, desperately hoping to end a pandemic that has killed 150,000 of its people.
Life expectancy has shown a significant drop in the U.S. While the fall is across all ethnic groups, it is the Black and Latino community that shows the most marked decline.
A website that was promoting armed protests in the United States ahead of the presidential inauguration was shut down by the company hosting its cloud servers Wednesday morning after CBC News Canada revealed those servers were located in Montreal.
President-elect Joe Biden's top advisors on Sunday outlined his plans to tackle the nation's multiple crises while balancing the impeachment trial of Donald Trump, as an historic inauguration week opens in the United States.
The governors of several states accused the Trump administration on Friday of deception in pledging to immediately distribute millions of COVID-19 vaccine doses from a stockpile that the U.S. health secretary has since acknowledged does not exist.
Moderate Armin Laschet may have won a key vote this weekend to become the new leader of Germany's conservative CDU party, but his victory has thrown wide open the question of who will succeed Chancellor Angela Merkel in the top job.
One of the major sources of microplastics in the ecosystem is from cosmetics products, especially those that deliberately contain plastic particles for exfoliation. The time has come to eliminate these.
Australian firefighters said they expect to battle an out-of-control bushfire well into the night on Saturday, as the blaze threatens lives and homes in the west coast city of Perth.
Rescuers scrambled to find buried survivors Saturday after a powerful earthquake on Indonesia's Sulawesi island killed dozens, injured hundreds and left more feared trapped in the rubble of collapsed buildings, as monsoon rains lashed the disaster-stru...
A Paris court will begin hearing a complaint brought by NGOs backed by two million citizens on Thursday accusing the French state of failing to act to halt climate change.
Bad weather forced scores of divers to temporarily suspend their hunt for a crashed Indonesian jet's cockpit voice recorder Wednesday, as investigators worked to read critical details on a flight data device that had already been salvaged.
As much of the world tightens lockdowns to stem coronavirus, Dubai has flung its doors open, branding itself as a sunny, quarantine-free escape -- despite a sharp rise in cases.
Australia's international borders are unlikely to open to travellers this year despite the rollout of coronavirus vaccines, a top health official said Monday.
Two members of South America's only bear species -- a mother and her cub -- have been spotted exploring the ruins of the Inca citadel of Machu Picchu, where tourist numbers have been restricted due to the pandemic.
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